Woody Talk remains faithful to natural materials and especially wood so our wearable art's moto is Perfect by Nature - Perfect for you.
 Local wood such as olive, pear, ash, almond, walnut, etc. blend harmoniously with exotic wood such as ebony,
 purple heart, vera wood, potok, which with their intense natural colors give a unique effect to our jewelry and artifacts. .
 No wood is painted, on the contrary, its natural colors and waters emerge with polishing, which varies according
 to the desired effect. Semi-precious stones such as labradorite, jade, agate, moonstone, amethyst, etc.

Precious stones such as sapphire, onyx, ruby, nephrites,, diamonds, 
Organics like coral, analone, shels and pearls but also

swarovski crystals & pearts decorate unique creations and give a touch of luxury.with wood remaining the main subject.

 The parts of our jewelry are made of 925 silver and we obtain them from our certified partners in Greece.

All of our wood items, decorative elements and jewelry parts are personally selected by us, one by one to achieve excellent quality, authenticity and aesthetics that only Woody Talk can guarantee.

PERFECT BY NATURE is our motto. We fully support natural materials with love and respect for people and the environment.